Sapphire hd 6790 power requirment

Im thinkng of buyng sapphire radeon hd 6790..
Nw il ned to buy a power supply accordngly..
im thinking is it possible if a buy a seprate power supply just for the card nd lt my comp run on the power supply dat i alredy gt..
is that posible?
i mean then a whole power supply will wholely and soley be jst for the card.. and i think il need to buy a power supply of less power then.. I THINK SO..
if it possible hw much watt shuld i buy the power supply off?
nd of wich company?
nd if not then how much watt power suplly wud i be requird to buy?
i have i3 3.1 ghz 6gb ram.
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  1. what is your budget? i think 550watts will be ok. 600watts with 4 6pin so that you can cf also in future.:)
  2. my budget is arund 7000rs..
  3. if ur from india then go into the hardware shop and buy one 6850 it is about 15-20% better then that one and you have to buy an good psu such as corsair,xfx,coolermaster with one 6pin and one 6+2pin pci connector these three companys are good and well known you will get these companies psu in india if you want to buy psu then buy an 550watts xfx pro that will be very good and can handle that card very easily.:)

    if u have budget of 7000rs for both psu and gpu so first get an psu then after 1 or two months get an good gpu such as 6850 or if u cant wait then buy an hd 6770 it can handle games on 1080p and one xfx pro 550watts psu they both will cost you around 7500- 8000rs.:)zubair in hindi agar tum kharid sakte ho to hd6850 aur xfx pro 550watts lelena vo acche company ke products hai ya fir 1 mahina aur intezaar karlo aur 8000 tak jama karlo.
  4. ohh :)
    thanks alot man :)
    im nt from india :)
    im frm pakistan :)
    han samjh gya hn :)
    dkhta hn :)
    yahn cards bht mehngaye hain tou im gtn em frm malaysia :P
    hd 6790 is soctng 15000rs ere nd frm malysia its costing 8000rs :P
    itna fark hai :P
    supply meinaye cooler master ky gx 550 chose ky hai..
    6 +2 pin wali hai yeh :)
  5. 6850 budget say bahar hai :(
    supply bhi mangwani haina abi hy :(
    tbi buyn ds 6790 :(
  6. ok fir malaysia se kharidlo 6790 bhi accha hi rahega hd 6790 hd 6770 se 10-15% faster hai aur tumhara psu usko aaram se samhal lega bas use kharidlo aur happy raho good luck.:)
  7. thnks alot yr :)
  8. your most welcome.:)
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