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I'd like to use a Lamptron fc5 v2 fan controller with an FT02 case and a Z77 motherboard

When I choose a Z77 motherboard what features should I look for that work best with fan controllers? Has anyone had any problems with motherboard software not letting you use a fan controller or at least limiting how low you can set the fans?

Overall I'm not sure what the relationship between BIOS, motherboard software and fan controllers so appreciate a heads up from anyone who can help

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide
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  1. Only MSI had a second fan controller on one particular board I used recently; most only control the cpu fan, so you'll want case fans with their own built in fan controller if noise bothers you; antec is one brand that may have this feature. Otherwise, you can get a multiple fan controller such as this one: or a single fan controller like this: With free shipping, two zalman fan mate 2's may be the best buy but only if your board has at least two extra fan ports; many just have one so you have to connect the fans directly to the power supply.
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