Speakers not working, I've given up.

So I unplugged everything when I moved my computer from one room to another, now, when I plugged them back in they fail to work. Sometimes my computer will tell me that my speakers are unplugged, when they clearly are plugged in.... Sometimes, after a restart and downloading a new Audio driver they will show up, but will not produce any sound still, even with all volumes cranked to the max.

I am not using a independent sound card, but I'm just doing onboard. I have tried using multiple wires and even different speakers, with the same results. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of my audio drivers (both Nvidia and RealTek) with no avail. I have also tried updating my mobo drivers to the most up to date software and still nothing.

I have tried fixing this for about 6 hours now, and I have given up all hope.


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  1. Can you try the speakers just form an MP3 player or ipod? Maybe the speakers died during the move? what speakers do you have. It shouldn't be the computer problems, sounds more like the speakers are not making good contact, or some internal or external wires have been damaged.
  2. been in the control panel/sound to make sure they point to realtek ? and when you installed the nvidia drivers you should have done a custom install and NOT install the sound through HDMI that are included in the driver suite. did you go into the device manager and disable the high def hdmi sound..... or completely uninstall it ? and don't let windows auto install the drivers.
  3. The speakers work fine when played through multiple MP3 players. I am currently using the Cyber Accoustic 5.1 surround sound speakers. (http://www.cyberacoustics.com/retail/products/CA-5402)

    How do I check to make sure they point to Realtek? Also, in order to get them to work for even a little bit of time (this time was 3 hours) I have to reinstall the latest Realtek drivers and restart my computer, after that they work for a little bit, then die out again.
  4. Ne development... My sound is now sporadically switching between "Speakers" which will randomly go "unplugged" according to my computer and will switch it to "Realtek Digital Output (Optical)" Which produces no sound. I attempt to unplug and replug in my speakers and still nothing.
  5. Bump, just formatted my Hard drive and now my speakers won't show up at all and nor will anything else sound related except my second monitor (a t.v., which sound does play through) This is so annoying, any help is greatly appreciated. Is there anyway I can manually find my speakers?

    Headphones don't work, different speakers won't work, have installed multiple different drivers in order to get it to work and still nothing. I've given up all hope.
  6. guess you didn't try the control panel thing as per 1st sentence of my first post.... have you tried another set of speakers ? are you sure the mobo is good ?
  7. The mobo is good, and I have tried another set of speakers, and 2 pairs of headphones and still nothing.

    How do I check to see if they are pointing the Realtek?
  8. go look at my first post............... first sentence.
  9. Yeah I checked it all out, underneath my "Sounds, Video, and game controllers" have 4 "Nvidia High Definition Audio" selections, I've attempted to uninstall all of them and re-install Realtek Drivers but the same 4 things keep showing up...
  10. Do you think going out and buying a sound card would fix the issue?
  11. go in and keep windows from auto downloading and installing drivers.

    go into the device manager and delete the HDMI HD sound......

    reboot. don't let windows install drivers again......... as matter of fact go into the control panel and disable auto updates.
  12. Ok, I turned off auto downloading and deleted my HDMI HD sound, and still nothing. It's still saying Speakers aren't connected.
  13. okay, so you have an nvidia card. uninstall the drivers and reboot. when you reinstall the drivers don't install the sound drivers nor the nvidia auto updater. . you should only need the graphics and phsyx.
  14. Man I appreciate all your help that you've been giving me, I really do.. But it's still not working :(

    Do you think a real sound card would fix this issue?
  15. Went out and bought a 10 dollar sound card, everything works great now... Thanks for the help, Swifty.
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