Need help fixing"Microsoft Windows Search Indexer has stopped working"

Hi, i had this error pop up twice about 7months ago then it went away on its own, and has just now came back and with a vengeance and i cant seem to find anything about fixing it. It tends to happen whenever i open ANYTHING on my computer, like if i goto control panel or ect itll like freeze up for 10 seconds then start working.

Heres a pic of the error logs that the problem report page gives me
And all the errors even those dating back to 7months ago are all exactly the same.

Computer Details -
Windows 7 64
ATI 5870 GPU
1000W Coolermaster Powersupply
6gb Corsair Ram

It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me fix this.

Extra info: i think it might've started recently when i downloaded webroot onto my computer after removing Avira Free.
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  1. Update windows ,try superantispyware for scan background spywares,hackers etc... Scan with kaspersky or avg
  2. hey

    "I just want to say, for the sake of anybody who finds this on Google, that I fixed it. The trick is to delete all files related to search indexing, located by default at:




    Delete all files and folders in these directories (you might want to make a backup, I did, but it proved unnecessary).

    Then, change the service back to starting automatically. You still can't start the service until you reboot, at which time Windows will rebuild the index."
  3. My Windows is upto date and i did a superantispyware scan and a webroot scan and neither found anything besides a few cookies which i removed anyway.
    I also tried doing the deleting the search files thing but it wouldnt let me due to Indexer running so i tried just doing the "Rebuild" option under advanced but that didnt fix it either.

    Edit: I stopped the Windows Search(Indexer) and deleted files and rebooted and that didnt fix it either.
  4. Go to and enable the search and indexing.

  5. Restart! And than enable indexing on the drive in question.
  6. Hmm.. Tried that just now and after the restart i opened the computer files to try and reproduce the error and sure enough i got it again :( . Is there any other options besides doing a full backup, because i dont think i have any system restore points that go back before this happened.

    I'm looking in my Admin Event Logs and its show a ton of Error for today, and majority of them are showing Disk Errors - Bad Blocks, and SearchIndexer.exe Errors and then the .dll errors aswell, ill try and upload some pics of them soon.
  7. Sounds like your HDD is possibly dieing - even though it may be somewhat "new" (new meaning in the past year) some HDD's have defects straight out of the manufacturing plant.

    Try this option: go to your computer, right click on you C drive, and go to properties.

    Now go to the tools tab and select "check now" under "error checking", tick off both boxes and restart the computer.

    It may take a while for your computer to scan the HDD.
  8. Heres the pic of the various errors that admin event log is showing

    This Disk error has been happening for about 4 months it seems but ive just now found out about it.
  9. Update: I did the HDD scan, i noticed it said that it found the corrupted file chsbrkr.dll and fixed it but i went afk afterwards and i dont know if there were anymore errors or anything as it was complete when i came back.

    Edit: I think doing the HDD scan fixed it. i'm no longer getting any errors showing up in the event log where as before i was getting them every 2minutes. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Just to be safe I would back up your files to a USB key if you have one. It is very possible a HDD can go wonky and lose all your data.
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