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So im trying to invest in a new mouse but after reading a lot on mice i have come to the conclusion that i am going to have problems with laser mice. I have a small mouse pad and cannot get it bigger and i play with enhance pointer precision 6/11 sensitivity in mouse settings. I have a microsoft optical mouse, i think its IE.

So the question i am asking is: Is it smart for me to invest in a laser mouse even though i lift my mouse a lot. I am looking at the CM Storm Inferno...
because i like the amount of buttons on it. Its cheap and i didnt want to put forth an extra 25 dollars for the deathadder which doesnt have all the extra buttons. Should i be worried about lift off? Is there anyway i can counter it with a new mousepad? What should i do? Lastly, i dont know my current dpi. I usually like the lowsensitivty i play on and im very used to the lifting my mouse and cannot play or use my desktop with high sensitivity. I have the mouse that comes with Ibuypower computers and i cannot use it because it is too fast(not sure if that helps you understand the speed i like or not).

This is what my mouse looks like, im not sure what mouse it really is.
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  1. I don't really understand why you think you'll have problems with laser over optical. I'm not familiar with ms intellimouse and their 'enhanced pointer precision' but most if not all laser mice have adjustable resolutions, so if you find you're lifting your mouse often, why not increase its dpi? Greater screen travel with less mouse movement.

    Edit: Ah, I see. Well, unfortunately if you don't like the higher, faster mouse resolutions then getting a 'faster' mouse isn't going to help much. Your option then becomes to get more 'reale estate' for you mouse, i.e. bigger mouse pad, but you say that you don't mind lifting your mouse why bother? What about a trackball or something like that?
  2. I wanted to get the sm storm inferno because it has macro buttons which i really want. I also want a bigge rmouse length and height because i find myself resting the side if my hand on the hard wood and dragging it across the pad. I dont know if maybe my chair is not at the right height making my arm go in the awkward position that is causing me to reat my hand the way i am. I just want to be able to lift my mouse or learn how to find a way to not lift mu mouse. Currently there is no way for me to play without lifting it and im not really sure why.
  3. I love my G500
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