I5 2500k worth it?

Hello, I am building a gaming PC an am on a strict budget of 550 dollars, I was set on the 2500k, but with it's price, it doesn't leave much room in my budget for a good video card, and the I5 2320 would give me more funds towards one, so is the 2500k worth the price difference between the 2320?
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  1. list your specs of your whole pc. Maybe we can help you adjust the product to your budget. also provide links of each product.
  2. Ok, thanks, here are the specs I've worked out so far

    HDD - Western Digital 500 Gb Drive -

    PSU - Corsair CX v2 600 watt - - 10$ code

    Motherboard - ASUS H61 -

    Memory - Kingston 4 Gb -

    Case - HAF 912 -

    DVD Drive - ASUS 24x DVD Burner - - 5$ shipping code

    CPU - Intel I5 2500K - - 15$ code

    GPU - I haven't decided on one yet, but I'd like a gtx 460 -

    I have also though about going AMD with a Phenom ii x4 965, with an ASUS AM3+ 760G, if this is a better option or not I am not sure
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  4. i think you should go intel instead of AMD though intel is slight more expensive, but in return you get more performance.
  5. Between both my fx 6100 and i5-2500k. only way i see a defiance is if i am monitoring and benchmarking them. most people are not gonna be able to tell the diffidence they both run great . but if your all about the numbers then go Intel for-sure
  6. Ok, I will go with Intel then, thanks for all the replies
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