Want my current system to new HDD. Help?

I got a bigger HDD for my laptop, but I cant create a boot disk with my vista. I want to know how I can move or copy my current system to the new HDD, if possible. Im running a measly 60gb HDD (acually 40), but I want to use the 160gb I got. Help?
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  1. Google "acronis true image". I used it enough I bought it, but there is also a trial download. Also, WD (and others) has cloning software you can download free. I think WD uses an OEM (wd linked) copy of acronis.

    Are your drives IDE (also known as EDIA, PATA, ATA, Ultra ATA) ? Or are they SATA ? 40 or 60 GB hard drive might be IDE. Make sure your 160 is the same kind as your 40 or 60 GB HDD. Mostly laptops take 2.5" drives, but their are exceptions and some drives are thin. Check your laptop specs.

    Then get a USB to external sata adapter or external IDE adapter that supports your disk drive. (edit: here is one picked at random from newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812119152 )

    Then just install drive cloning software, clone entire drive (including recovery partition if you have one). Then shutdown, swap drives. Boot and you are running with new drive and all your data.


    I do the above, however you can also...

    1. Use windows backup to make a clone of your system on an external USB hard drive.
    2. Make a windows recovery disk. Read directions for a full restore of a disk image, it will tell you to boot off recovery CD then run restore.
    3. Remove old HDD, install new one.
    4. Restore your disk to the new HDD.

    Good luck, this should be time consuming, but not difficult. It's also a good test of your disk backup system (if you backup your data).

    edit: Aside, keep the old drive in case the new one fails. Keep it in an ANTISTATIC bag. You can reuse the one your new drive came in -- typically almost clear plastic bag. Sometimes a hard shell plastic case.
  2. With the USB harddrive adaptor, can I format the other hardrive? I got it used, and Im sure theres another system on it.
  3. Also it matches the same specs as my other HDD, and it is a SATA.
  4. Yes, you can format it. It will take a while.
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