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Error message, red letters on white background

win7 pro, running Firefox, IE, Thunderbird and media player (music) got a loud humming noise through speakers and an error message with red lettering on a white background. Win7 shut down too soon to read the message. Then rebooted showing the option for safe but I rebooted normally, ran virus scan and other utilities and everything seems OK.If anyone can steer me to a possible cause, I would appreciate the help. I may be in the wrong sub-section.

Asus M4A79XTD EVO mobo
ATI Radeon 5770
3.4GH Phenom 2X4 965
Intel 120GB SSD
16GB Corsair memory
Rosewill usb 3.0 pci express card
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  1. Without knowing the error message its kind of like going to the doctors and saying:

    YOU: Hi doc, I have a problem
    DOC: Ok... what's problem?
    YOU: No idea
    DOC: Right...

    I would just make sure that your PC's temps are ok, To do this you can download a program like hardware monitor

    Apart from that just keep an eye on it and try and get a screenshot if the error message pops up again.
  2. Thanks. None of the temps are above 35*. I had never seen an error message with red lettering on a white screen before and and I thought that something other than a blue screen would help pin it down.
    BTW, PSU is 550w Corsair 80+
  3. yeah your hardware config is fine.

    Your temps are ok, I take it that's idle temps?

    there are loads of error messages with red lettering on a white background unfortunately.
  4. Yes, pretty much idle temps. 37 at core with 5 programs and browser with 6 open tabs. I don't overclock.
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    You could test your load temps, but to be honest I doubt your CPU, GPU ETC... were under much load considering what you had open, I would say its most likely to be software related but like I said before its really differcult to say without knowing the error message.
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