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So my question is:

Do you really have to have 3 identical certified monitors to run a 3 monitor setup with Nvidia? I have read that before but would like an answer from someone who has a 3 monitor Nvidia set up.

Now I am looking more for information regarding an SLi setup vs a single card like a GTX580 since I am trying to plan out my next GPU. I currently have a GTX460 and am trying to decide if i should get a 2gb 6950 for eyefinity or if i can get away with 2 SLi'ed GTX460's for 3 (or more) monitors which are not the same brand.

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  1. Yeah you need 2 x nvidia cards for 3 monitors, i used to have 2 x gtx570's and 3 x Acer GD245HQ's
  2. But do you need the same exact monitors?
  3. no not really
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    According to Nvidia site:

    You need to have 3 identical connections. Either they all must be digital DVI, or all 3 must be analog. All 3 monitors must be of the same resolution, refresh rate and sync polarity (not sure what this is) as well.
  5. New gen GCN and new drivers will allow for different res on monitors
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