Best CPU and Motherboard for the Money?

Hi, I'm thinking of doing a dual monitor setup with my PC but I don't know if the equipment I have is good enough or not. I also game on this PC as well. One monitor will be for gaming and the other one will be for surfing the internet. If I do need upgrades it would be greatly appreciated if recommendations are carried out. Thanks.

PC Specs:
-ASUS M4A88T motherboard
-AMD Phenom II X2 Black 560 CPU
-Kingston 8GB RAM (4x2GB)
-Silverstone 600W PSU
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  1. The only thing to upgrade would be the CPU.
  2. Well the i5, and the Asrock z77 extreme 4 (if you want luxury get the extreme6)
  3. You could go for a Phenom II x4 or x6 for the cheapest upgrade. But if you invested about $300 you could do what lunixed suggested (maybe $350 if you needed DDR3 RAM). Honestly if all the 2nd monitor is doing is web surfing you don't need to change anything.
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