AMD FX 4100 Bottleneck?


I will be building a custom gaming computer later this year on a budget.

The FX 4100 is very tempting as it is so cheap. However, I am wondering on people's opinion on its performance from gaming. I have gotten mixed opinions in the past. Some say it is utterly terrible, and some say it's better than people say because they're just bias. I have watched videos of people using it on YouTube (i.e. playing BF3 Ultra settings) and it seems fine?

Also, would this CPU bottleneck a GTX 570 or higher graphics card? And if so, by how much?

I would appreciate also, some links to benchies.

Please, no Intel bias (***I*** am ***NOT*** biased toward any brand, I just want the best bang for the buck), and no uneducated answers; answers ***ONLY*** from people who know what they're talking about would be appreciated : P.

Thank you!

// Vallataa.
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  1. Yes it will bottleneck, it'd be a better option by picking up an i3-2100 or Phenom 965BE.

    (Pretty much everything above a 560ti/7850 will be bottlenecked by the 4100)

    go to that chart.

    You should notice that the i3-2100 three tiers higher for gaming. Also keep in mind that it is just ten bucks more
  3. If u can find some quad core phenom II ("Black Edition") it's better than the fx

    if u go to intel route dual core sandy Bridge i3-2xxx is equal in budget...

    One is better at gaming and the other one is better at productivity/general purpose..
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