Hold out for [radeon] dual 7990's, or get Quad 7970's?

I've recently been trying to build the gaming computer of my dreams. Now that being said, I'm not a PC Guru, so feel free to be blunt with me if something I say seems off or there are just glaring problems with my current setup, haha.

So here's my dilemma
Built the computer, about 1-2 weeks ago, from scratch while pulling my old video cards from my previous computer (dual radeon 4850's, just a temporary fix). My original plan was to wait until the release of the 7990's, but there have been a few posts on here suggesting that the 7990 will only be two downclocked 7970's and that quad 7970's might be a better solution. With my mother board switching from 16x16x PCIe slots to 16x8x8x8x slots, is it accurate to assume that quad 7970's will run better than the upcoming 7990's? Feel free to include suggestions with or without overclocking. Overclocking is something I have not done before, and currently don't use, but it is certainly something I would like to get into.

Current System:
ASUS Rampage IV Motherboard (16x16x or 16x8x8x8x PCIe slots)
32GB of Corsair RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate - (To utilize the extra RAM)
HAF X Cooler Master tower - Currently fan cooled (Doing great so far, but unsure with these new cards.)
Intel i7 -3930k CPU ( "It ain't hardcore, unless it's hexacore!" ~T-Pain)
1300W Rosewill Lightning Power Supply
Dual Radeon 4850's (To be replaced, they have long outlived their usefulness.)

Budget Range: Relatively unlimited, this is something I've been gathering money up for over some time, haha.
System Usage: Currently gaming and computing. Doing a lot of coding on it (Grad Student), but I'd like to be able to take advantage of Eyefinity and game on triple monitors in the near future.
Parts Preferences: AMD
Overclocking: Not yet, but it is something I would definitely like to get into.
SLI or Crossfire: Yes, Crossfire
Monitor Resolution: Currently 1920x1200 (After the purchase of video card(s), this is the next step!)

Ultimate Goal:
My goal with this build is to basically have a computer, that can run games across triple, or even across six, monitors, at max resolution and max settings. Also trying to build it such that, I won't be replacing parts for some time.

So any help at all on if I should stick it out for the 7990's (or even the first released benchmarks) or if I should just go ahead and purchase 7970's would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if any more info is needed, and thank you very much for your time =)
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  1. With 1920x1200 even one 7970 is way more than enough. Go with one now and get a second one when/if you upgrade to eyefinity. Actually, for the price of four 7970 you can get two screens more and two 7970s which is all you need.
  2. 4 is way overkill even 3 is overkill. three 7970's are the most anyone would need.
    I would wait until the release of the nvidia gtx 680 4gb. It is faster than the 7970 and because it has more vram it will help at the higher resolutions.
  3. I'm actually a little embarrassed, I think I completely managed to overlook the gtx 680. The 2gb model has some really nice reviews, I might just be waiting then for the 4gb model.

    Thank you both for the help =)
  4. 3 way gtx 680 sli would be as good as it gets imo.

    4 would run about the same but use way more power.

    2 is really all you could possibly need
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    since you will be running a tri-monitor setup with 3 1920x1200 screens, i would say 3 gtx 680 4gb cards (which have not been released yet) will be the way to go. 3 may be overkill but games will continue to get more graphically intensive.
    If you dont mind me asking what monitor do you have now?
  6. ... I'm honestly suprised anyone would need any more than SLI 680 even with a Tri-1080P setup. The 680 performs at the level of a 6990 basically and even the GTX 590 in certain benchmarks, those cards were more than enough for a Dual monitor setup. So yeah...

    4GB of VRAM? Each card? Unnecessary. Even a hardcore gamer is fine running a 2GB card, I'm still strolling along with BF3 @ 1680x1050 @ high settings on a 5850 1GB. So... Yeah.
  7. Right now, just using a Samsung SyncMaster T260, 25.5' at 1920x1200;subnav

    The goal is definitely to move to a tri-setup, and I'll probably be replacing even this monitor for one with less bezel.

    I think my attack plan will be to get something then to support me for now until the release of the 4gb 680 cards (the AMD 4850's I'm running on now are failing at even running BF3 at low, very depressing haha). And then I'll end up buying one 680, replacing the monitors, then buying 2 more 680's. That should definitely keep this thing performing tiptop for some time to come. =)
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  9. Hey, very nice post... I'm actually in the exact same boat as you... not-so limited funds, want the best PC around. However, I'm waiting till May 15'th (day diablo 3 is released). Let me tell you what I'm thinking so far.....

    I'm going to be waiting for GTX 690's, and I'll probably only get one of them for now. I'm currently running a 27" 1080p HD monitor but I heard about new 1600p monitors? I want one :) Might possibly upgrade to dual 690's, and maybe a 3d monitor, a 1600p monitor, and keep this old (but still brand new) piece of junk 27" HD screen lol.

    I noticed the processor you mentioned and nobody seems to be jumping on you for it.... The 3930 is actually the processor that I'm going to be getting as well, however, every gaming benchmark I can find puts it lower than the i7-2700k and 2x as much. The reason I decided on the 3930 still, is because I want a LGA 2011 platform. PCIE 3.0 (totally useless, i know), and some Gskill ripjaws 2400 MHz 9CAS intel XMP 1.3 memory. It will put me at a SLIGHT disadvantage for gaming, but these components simply give me nerd chills and are AWESOME!!!!

    Last but not least, and perhaps what i'm MOST excited about (and another reason to go for LGA 2011/3930) is an OCZ pci-e RevoDrive 3 x4.... the one for $800+ @ only 240GB. The thing is such a beast, 1.5GB/s read/write speeds. Its performance beats $15/gb enterprise solutions in benchmarks (fusion io-d)!! Another reason for me to wait until may might be a huge price drop, or decent competition from super talent. A lot of companies are releasing PCIE SSD's in april/may.

    I REALLY want to stick with the LGA 2011 platform!! Does anyone know when an Ivy Bridge-E will be released? (or any ivy bridge pc that will fit an LGA 20111?)

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