FX-8120 or i5-3450 for busy Linux server?

Yet another "what should I buy?" question. I have perused some previous answers, but my use case seems different, so I thought I'd pose it (apologies if this is sytem instead of CPU--but I specifically am curious which CPU will handle the load better in your opinions):

I am looking to setup a single Linux server to replace a hodge-podge of older rigs i've got doing the functions below. The question is which CPU would be better for the tasks below? I'm deciding between an FX-8120 (on a 970 chipset) or an i5-3450 (on a Z77 chipset). Power consumption matters, too, as this rig will be on 24x7.
* NAS using Linux software RAID (/dev/mdxxx). I think it will perform better than the 3ware 9500S-8 card I currently am using with SATA II drives.
* Video transcoding of my movies and tv shows, up to 1080p. There will be a lot of this initially, not so much later.
* Media serving and streaming (and if possible on-the-fly transcoding until step above is done ;) ) to roku/ps3/xbox etc.
* Intranet server (DNS, DHCP, VPN, Authentication, etc)
* MySQL server for MythTV and some light web dev stuff.
* Virtualization using KVM for some web development, testing beta OSs, etc.

It will be running Ubuntu server, and likely be headless once deployed, so no concern on gaming or interactive desktop performance (like Photoshop-ish apps).

thanks :)
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  1. Sort of the way I was thinking--more cores for when I lock a few of 'em up with VMs. And transcoding scales across cores, too (at least the CLI ones I use do). As for power, I know these are hungrier (125W vs ~77W?), but I hope that after I overclock at the beginning for the transcoding that the power management can idle this thing down when it is just sitting there handling DHCP requests ;).

    Thanks for the input :)
  2. The multi-core will pay off in the end :D
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