What case should I get?

1- coolermaster haf 912

2-corsair 300r

Is the 300r worth the more money over the haf 912?
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  1. Not really.

    The 912 is a great performing case, you just need to get another 120mm for the front fan and you'll be perfect.
  2. What about a 200mm and put the 120mm on the side? Do you recoment a good inexpensive fan controler. Doesnt need a lcd scrren or anything to fancy.
  3. Cases are a matter of personal preference and style when you're talking about two high performance cases like the ones mentioned. To me the 300R is worth more because I find the HAF 912 to be awful looking. No offense to any owners out there. But like I said, which one looks better to you and which one do you want to look at for a few years?
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