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I have been trying to get back into pc gaming, (DayZ) however the game has a lot of response delay. I have a decent graphics card, cant remember exactly, but its Nvidia geforce something with a gig of memory. The system is sitting on a 1.8ghz processor though. I am guesing this is the source of my problems. I am looking at an i5 3570k on a gigabyte z77-d3h motherboard and 16gb ddr3 ram. I guess what i really want to know is if this will fix my problems or is it more likely it is a network issue. My net connection isnt great but on local servers I usually have 30-50ms.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. Which EXACT graphics card.
  2. Im pretty sure its a 220 gt, but ill have to confirm when I get home.
  3. amuffin said:
    Which EXACT graphics card.

    Yeah its a Nvidia geforce GT 220, any thoughts?
  4. Arma 2 CO is massively demanding on any system due to inefficient coding and the massive amount of computational power required for the physics stuff and etc.

    You need a GTX 560 or AMD Equiv at bare minimum and a Intel i series quad core (any generation) to even get 30 fps constantly at 1920x1080p.

    A i5-2500k and a decent GPU (gtx 560 / HD6870 minimum) will you get 30fps constantly at high settings at 1080p.
  5. Im not fussed about having the highest quality turned on on these games, just want stuff to run smoothly.
  6. Still the same. Arma 2 is just so demanding across the board that you will only see 20-40 fps regardless of settings most of the time (trust me.. i tried ... turned down all my settings and only got a few fps more....).
  7. so will the gear i listed make much of a difference, my main problem is theres a varied delay whenever i try and do anything
  8. Yep dramatic. You'll bump around 20-40 fps with lag spikes here and there when theres lots of explosions and stuff going on. You get used to it but eh... inefficient coding so oh well.
  9. So the GT 220 will do ok? Im not looking at replacing it but I dont want to spend money and get nothing for it. Its a hard game to play when it takes 10 seconds for some things to react. Thanks mate, any other advice others have would be appreciated :D
  10. That's a really bad card.
  11. That really doesnt help me with my question
  12. Yes it does. The Gt220 is a horrible card.

    What you require a mid end card and a processor upgrade to even have anything resembling "smooth" in arma 2.
  13. Could you recommend a good value card then?
  14. Depends on how much you're willing to spend and your power supply.
  15. not a lot, i was planning a few upgrades and now im close to building a new unit
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    Arma 2 is a very demanding game no matter what and your current system and most of its components cannot play Arma 2 smoothly.

    Might as well grab a 3570k / a slightly cheaper motherboard / cheaper - less ram 2x4gb / and a gtx 460 / 560 / hd 6850/6870.

    You can probably make due with 6770/ 6750 or a gtx 550ti at lower resolution and detail.s

    My i7-920 with a gtx 260 goes 20-40 fps on medium / high settings at 1920x1080p. Tested my mates gtx 460 768mb a while back and averaged ~26/45 at the same settings.
  17. thanks for your advice mate, ill have to run up some prices, and check my psu
  18. No problem. I play Dayz as well and it stutters every now and then especially when im using melee or zombies get close. You'll have fun! Just avoid the bandits and trolls...
  19. sorry to be a pain, but how much of a difference is there between a 550 and a 560, looking at about $60 difference.
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