New Homebuild turns off playing games

It could be 5 minutes in or as soon as i start moving, my computer will just randomly reset, and i mean reset not power off. Anything i can do. Also all the cpu heat and mobo heat are around 30 c
CPU: Intel i5 2500k
GPU: Gtx 580
MOBO: ASROCK z68 extreme4 Gen4
PSU: Vortec 700w
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  1. I would swap out the PSU. Its a very low quality one to begin with, and my guess is it would be the culprit.

    To elaborate on why I suspect the PSU.. From looking around, it has all the indications of being a generic chinsy PSU, and you're running a high power video card on it, once you start playing the games, the power supply gives up and says "I can't do it"..
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