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New builder here, finished my first build a few weeks ago. Minus getting some bad RAM, everything has gone really well. However, I haven't really figured out how to get full control over my CPU fan and system fans.

I'm using a Biostar TZ77XE4 Motherboard and an Intel i5-3570k CPU with a stock heatsink. I haven't done any overclocking, because I'm saving up the funds for an aftermarket cooler.

Anyhow, I feel that the fan speeds are always very high, even when I put the computer to sleep. It sounds like the CPU fan may slow, but the system fans tend to stay constant. I ran the TOverclocker utility from Biostar, and I go into the Fan Speed section. In the CPU Smart Fan area, it says:

Fan Ctrl Off(*C): 10
Fan Ctrl On(*C): 20
Fan Ctrl Start Value: 132
Fan Ctrl Sensitive: 14

Under than, I can select to calibrate (again), disable or Auto. I'm really not sure what these numbers mean, or what should be done to really get full control of my fan noise and air movement.

It's currently showing my CPU temperatures floating between 38-42C, and System temperatures between 36-37C. This is all good and healthy, I assume, but I'd just like to make things quieter, if possible, especially during sleep.
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  1. You should have a manual and quiet setting as well as auto; use one of those after you calibrate; You can try "40" for the start value, and 20 for the fan cnrl sensitive setting. You will get a sudden rush at the post screen then the fan speed should quiet down. If it's too slow for you, simply calibrate again and start over.
  2. have you plugged system fans directly to the motherboard or on the PSU? I plugged my on the PSU with that power molex and it was at full load all the time, it went well when I removed the molex and plugged it on the mobo system fan plug.

    Best regards.
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