AMD Phenom II 4x 965 3.40 Black Edition min. max freq.

I am on windows Vista 64-bit and in my power management settings my min CPU frequency is 5% and my max is 50%. Now being that my processor is older but I purchased it about 3 weeks ago, will my settings be fine as it is or would setting my max frequency to 100% wear and tear my processor super fast? Keep in mind that my power options is always set to High Performance. Any tips or thought about the power of my CPU I am not getting due to it being set at default 50% max frequency?
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  1. It won't be damaged at all, regardless of what you have it set at.
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    As long as you don't mess with the voltage, and you haven't, you're fine. High temperatures can decrease the lifespan of a CPU, but I think yours will be completely obsolete long before that becomes an issue.
  3. Will I benefit from raising the min to 50% and max to 100%?
  4. Certainly. You might as well keep the minimum at 5%, though, to continue saving power in low-demand situations.
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