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New GTX cards..did i buy to soon?

So i recently built a new gaming rig with 2 GTX 580 3GB (589$ each) back on dec. 16th or 20th (had bank card issues), meaning my ability to RMA is now gone most likely. But what I wanna know is was this a stupid venture. I don't think much info. is out yet, at least not that I could find, about the new series from GTX. However was rushing in and buying 2 GTX 580 the wrong move? According to benchmarks and reviews ive seen even the new radeon 7xxx series beats the GTX 580, which leads me to believe the new GTX series will beat the old series by a bit. Should i just be happy with the GTX or try and sell them for the new line.
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  1. Be happy with them, they are still amazing cards and Nvidias new GTX6xx is still a ways off.
  2. hmm, what are you talking about how would say that sli gtx 580 is wrong move?
    i'm using 2500k with sli gtx 580 everything like nuke amazing performance even a single gtx 580 is enough.
  3. Not saying the SLI GTX 580 is bad. There are some things that I cant seem to maximize however this may just be my knowledge of the cards. Just wondering if the better idea would have been to wait. To be honest this post was prolly just me being sad that i wont have the new series cause im not sure where to sell a GPU.
  4. Anytime you buy any computer component, you've done it too soon. There will always be something better on the horizon. You already know this.

    Two 580s is epic. Enjoy them. I'm jealous.
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    580's are still friggin powerful as people have said. Sure the 7970 does perform awesomely, but even GTX 580's should last a long time.

    One more thing - AMD is currently having issues with DX 11 on the 7970 video cards, they are performing almost worse than the 580's right now....should be fixed with a driver update down the road.

    One last - last thing - AMD has been having major issues with driver updates for CFX and games, they weren't on the ball last year. Single GPU performance is good, but CFX is a sore issue for them ATM.

    BTW i'm not a fanboy of either GPU makers - I like to give honost information. Although I do lean a little to the red side :)


    Nvidia right now - Good driver support, good cards.

    AMD right now - Best GPU in town, mediocre driver support (concerning DX 11 and CFX).
  6. Mirror what these folks have said. You have a cutting edge setup with a pair of extremely powerful cards. Not a bad decision. Shoo shoo buyer's remorse!
  7. The 7970 is only like 10% faster than the 580, and in some games it's actually slower. Personally I don't ever bother with an upgrade until something twice as fast as what I have is available, don't waste your time worrying about a few measly FPSs that you would likely never even notice.
  8. you bought too soon, you should wait for the gtx 990s quad sli.
  9. Stop thinking with a "coulda, shoulda, woulda" mentality and enjoy what you have.

    You have a great system, give them GTXs some serious gaming time and forget the rest.
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  11. Yeh now that i've thought about it i guess i dont care. next yera im planning on a x79/2011 socket upgrade neways maybe i can swap then or the following year.
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