BSOD on new system? HELP

Let me start by saying I appologize if this is posted in the wrong spot... Perhaps someone can move it if it is.

So I finally broke down and bought all the components for my new system (listed below)

Asus 990fx Sabertooth Motherboard
AMD fx4100 black edition Cpu
Asus 7770 Gpu
Corsair 8gb Vengeance DDR3 Memory
Corsair AX650 Power Supply
Corsair 600T Graphite case

Long story short, the only thing that wasn't replaced was the Hard Drive.

So I build the system (my first ever without ANY assistance) and power it up hoping for the best. To my surprise, it posts. Everything seems good until it get to with Windows XP loading screen. At that point after about 2-3 seconds I get a BSOD. It says "Stop: 0x0000007B." The biggest problem that Im having with solving this problem is that I dont have another system to check the Hard Drive in. When it was in the old system everything was fine. Granted that was all different hardware, sooooooooooo...

Theres got to be some geniuses on this forum that can help me solve this issue.
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