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Dual Monitors with an HDMI and VGA port on Asus Desktop


I'm a newbie so take it easy on me. Basically, I wanted to know if I could run dual monitors on a desktop with one HDMI port and one vga port.

Would I be able to use a converter such as to connect the hdmi port to a monitor using a dvi cable (my monitors do not have hdmi connections)

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    Actually, that won't work. You need something like this: Notice how both sides are male?

    But no, you shouldn't have an issue. What card do you have?
  2. Intel HD 2000 is what it says. I called Asus customer service and he said I had an integrated card and he didn't seem sure that multiple monitors would be supported.

    sorry reposted as a reply to you
  3. HD 2000 does support dual monitors, however I think it's with DVI+HDMI, not VGA+HDMI. I'm no expert though, not by far. I'll do a little digging and see what comes up, ok?
  4. Ok. I appreciate any info you can find. If I figure it out I will also post it here in case anyone ever has the same issue.
  5. Hello,
    i have hp 3020 desktop CPU i want connect dual monitor which one useful and send me the model numbers
  6. Ok, looks like you're good to go! Obviously you'll need to use the standard sound connection, as DVI cannot carry sound.

    Parth, why don't you make a new thread and PM me the link?
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  8. Got the connector you suggested in the mail today and it works perfectly.
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