What power supply would you pick?

Looking at getting a new PSU to last me through this build and my next. currently i wont be using anywhere near 1000w but i wanted to upgrade to higher voltage because i'm planning to run a dual card setup + a full CPU, GPU and possibly Mobo Watercooling setup. I also need to take OC into mind. so I think 1000w will be more then enough for that. What i wanted to know is seeing as the product i choose will be the heart of this setup, will a platinum power rating justify the extra $100? also what reputation do these brands have for constructing PSU's? I understand Seasonic is a very well known and respected brand but as for Antec and OCZ im not sure how they would compare.

Seasonic XP-1000 Platinum 1000W Power Supply $305.00

Antec High Current Pro Platinum 1000W Power Supply $299.00

OCZ Technology ZX Series Gold 1000W Power Supply $209.00

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  1. Haha almost answered my own question by reading the sticky i opened in another tab X-D however mu question as to what brand would hold up and what would be worth it question still stands.

    people posting before reading the bloody stickies these days, geez..

    Also id just like to point out that im australian so my prices will probably be slightly higher then you lucky americans.
  2. What do you want to power?
  3. Ok, lets say two 670s and a high end i7 3770k setup (high end mobo, ram), two laing D5 pumps, a bunch of leds, say, possibly two 120GB SSD's, two 1TB 3.5" HDD's, possibly a 500gb velociraptor, Basic DVD drive and Bitfenix Recon controller.

    But lets say i take a year or so to save up the appropriate amount of money there could be newer hardware that could require more or less power that i could go for so im not 100% sure as of now.

    By the way off topic, have you managed to setup your loop yet Muffin?
  4. actually about the storage, i'd probably only get one 120GB SSD for OS and Adobe software. Velociraptor for my games and HDDs for media and file storage.
  5. For the PSU power calculation, u can do some work out here :

    For the rating wise, platinum/gold/silver/bronze , the higher grade will perform more efficient and thus less of a power wastage and hence will cost u less on utility bills on the long run but these are kind of marketing gimmicks.

    IMO As long as they are certified 80+, it should be ok and no point paying extra $100 for platinum over gold.
  6. A quality 850 is what you're looking at :)
  7. Cheers, but still to my question, what brands would you suggest avoiding and in the long term would getting a platinum power supply be a better saving in power or is the energy saving rating and the platinum packaging just a front to put the price up?
  8. When choosing very high end units; stick with Seasonic or Seasonic based units / flextronics

    The Corsair AX series is based off the X series. HX Series is based off a both CWT and Seasonic units depending on the model.

    Platinum, gold etc are given based on efficiency. You need quality parts to make a unit efficient. Although some companies do lie to get the rating / they might've done it in low temperatures like 25 c to get that rating but it will be horrible once the temps rise.

    So yep.
  9. Cheers, i think i might stick with seasonic then, that way it goes with most themes due to its lack of bold colours. Also Muffin, apart from wasting power and money is there any performance downsides to getting a bigger power supply? Like how you said to go with the 850w, would getting a 1000w hamper performance in any way? I think i might go for the 850w but just depending on whether i change my mind on components and whatnot by the time im going to make it..

    Cheers for all the help guys.

    Just used that wattage calculator and was being fairly generous. clock in at roughly 750w so getting an 850w would probably be safe enough for a few upgrades, cheers Muffin you were spot on. well my power supply at the moment is a 900w but its efficiency isnt very good and its got a lot of red on it, (blue/black theme) so looks like ill be downgrading in wattage for a higher quality, modular power supply ;) oh i forgot to add that i need it to be modular because i like to thoroughly organise my wires and im looking forward to theme sleeving them myself :P thanks for all the help guys/girls!
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    Power supplies usually are most efficient between 40-60% load. At very high or very low loads, performance are usually the lowest. A modern quad core + 2 power hungry gpus will usually consume 350-400watt easily on gaming mode and 500-550w when stressed.

    It would be in the 40-60% curve of a 850w unit and would thus be the most efficient.
    1000w+ units are basically for those insane tri / quad gpu setups with who knows what overclocks. :)
  11. Ah very well, i'm no drag racer so I guess 850w PSU it is then! Cheers again for all the help guys! it'd be cool if i could give you all the best answer!
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