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I recently built a home gaming tower. NXZT Phantom; CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1045T (CoolerMaster Hyper 101 Cooling), RAM Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16G 1600, MB Sabertooth 990FX, GeForce GTX 460, CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 700W, HDD 1TB (Games & Programs), SSD 64G (OS).

I want to continue to upgrade, if anyone can give me any guidance on what would be the best next time for performance gain I would appreciate. And please explain why.
Thank you.
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  1. I honestly do not see a large jump on anything except upgrading your GPU to the newest generation. Else, you could go with a new intel cpu and motherboard.
  2. Change the GPU to the new nVidia GTX 680.
  3. The GPU is probably the only thing worth upgrading, however the GTX 460 despite being a couple years old is still a pretty darn good graphics card.

    No reason to ditch the 1045T btw. I doubt you'd want to anyway.
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    Maybe get another GTX 460 for cheap and SLI it.
  5. Pyree said:
    Maybe get another GTX 460 for cheap and SLI it.

    That wouldn't be a horrible idea. The sabertooth board will take 4 of em. Although you can only Sli two.
  6. I put on a second GeForce GTX 460. The SLI is working out great thanks for the advice.
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