Higher FPS with 23" (1920x1080) than 19" (1440x900) monitor???


I'm getting higher frame rates in all of my games (COD MW 3, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc...) on my new monitor 23" LG 2381VR-BN w/ 1920x1080 resolution than i did with my 19" LG W1942T 1440x900 res... why is that?

My rig:

PDC E2160 OC'd to 3 ghz (can get it to 3.4 but BSOD's after a few minutes, might be a mobo prob or PSU prob)
asus P5Q p45 mobo
2x2 GB 667 1:1 ratio
2x512 MB 667 1:1 ratio
2x 1TB samsung F3
Palit: nvidia gts 250 512mb (e-green edition... LOL)
astone case with 600w PSU

any comment is much appreciated

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  1. Need a little more information than that.

    Did you change any game settings between changing LCD's?

    But in reality it might not be as much of a "weird" situation as it might be. The CPU is used much more in lower resolutions (and 1440x900 is pretty low for a desktop), and in higher resolutions, the GPU get's pushed more than the CPU (well it depends on the resolution as well).

    Maybe it's just that you have been wowed by a larger, nicer screen :)
  2. Is your new monitor have refresh rates higher than 60Hz? If it does, it may be beacuse you have Vertical Sync enabled in your games.

    Vertical Sync tries to make the framerate similar to your screen's Refresh Rate to reduce screen/image tear.

    Hope it helps! :)
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