NVidia GTX560i to replace CrossfireX Radea HD5770

Right now I have an Alienware Aurora PC from DELL (Yeah I know I bought a PC im an idiot lets move past that.) It has Dual Radeon HD 5770 cards in it and i've had nothing but dumb problems with it when it comes to gaming and all that. My question is, will I get better performance from replacing both of the ATI cards with the nVidia GTX560i card that I have been looking at?
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  1. Overall your performance should be right around the same. Some games do better with ATI/AMD cards and others do better with Nvidia cards.

    5770's perform right about the same as a single 5870. A 560 ti offers this same general level of performance.

    You can pick up 560 ti's for as low as $185 per after MIR right now. I just grabbed a pair a few weeks ago. Cheers.
  2. So from a sensibility standpoint I may be ok just sitting on what I have right now. Two ATI Radeon HD 5770's aren' crappy cards by any means.
  3. probably should wait.

    unless you upgrade to something over $300 you won't really see an upgrade.
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