Undervolting athlon II x3 455


i have a question, is it ok to undervolt an X3 455 cpu with BIOS default value of 1.475v (VID). will i do harm on my computer? thanks!
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  1. You won't hurt anything, but the computer might not be stable.
  2. oh i see...would recommend to do that sir?
  3. Let me ask this. What purpose would undervolting the CPU serve?
  4. i want to cool down my cpu a bit. i had my stock cooler before and my temp was 58-61C with prime95 then i switch to hyper 212 evo, got 46C max with prime95. is that a good temp using athlon II X3 455 @ 3.3GHz? my CPU offset voltage is 1.475v and Vcore is 1.464v in the BIOS. many thanks sir!
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    Those are excellent temps. No need to undervolt.
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