Need some video card advice...

I'll do my best to explain my situation:

Dual Core Pentium, 3.4GHZ
4GB ram, Windows 7 professional 32bit
Dual 20" monitors

I will check the power supply wattage here in a bit and reply back.

I started with an Invidia quadro FX 3500....very outdated, not for gaming, etc.

I ended up with (for free...) a BFG 9500GT.

I'm looking into playing SOME online games, and mostly doing usual internet surfing/netflix etc.

But, I'm bottlenecking it seems in the video card department. What in the 100-200$ range would work well with my dual core setup, and would still run all the applications I'd like?

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  1. your cpu is a huge bottleneck for anything faster than the 9500gt.

    you are probably looking for a complete upgrade.
  2. If you're just doing light gaming internet surfing/netflix a 9500GT is just fine. If you do decide you want more performance, I'd recommend you nail down what kinds of games (are they demanding from a gpu perspective) and just get something that is good enough for that.

    Toms Hardware does a monthly article called "Best Graphics Cards for the Money" that shows what the best products at each price point are. Cheers.
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