CPU cooler for i5 3570k

i finally build a rig based on:

- asus p8z77 v lk
- i5 3570k
- 8gb corsair vengeance 1600
- sapphie HD 6870 (crosfire soon)
- corsair hx 850w
- hdd 500gb wd caviar blue
- cooler master elite 430

every thing works fine, and gonna to buy a cooler for my cpu. my target is to reach 4.5ghz with max temp 70 or less.
my options are:

- hyper 212+ evo (push pull config)
- Akasa VENOM Voodoo
- Thermalright Venomous X
- Corsair Air Series A70

with one is the better and can fit in my case and my rams.
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    Hyper 212+ evo in a push/pull configuration would be excellent and the best choice out of the 4. The Corsair cooler offers similar performance as the cooler master but at a heftier price tag. So I'd definitely go with the 212 evo in push/pull. With your build you may even want to consider dropping the PSU down to a corsair tx750m. You'll still have the option of doing crossfire with that psu. This way you may be able to save some cash and put it towards a better gpu...something like the 6950 perhaps?
  2. My vote goes to EVO also. No reason really to look elsewhere. And DeusAres offers good advice. If you haven't already bought everything, you can step down the PSU to 750W and up the graphics one notch.
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