Flashing green screen In Xfire

Hi there, I have had crossfire enabled for ages now, and I was only playing GTA recently when I crashed my car and suddenly the screen went green and started flashing but was still able to play just in green, restarted pc but is still there, disabled Xfire and games are fine, Its just with xfire enabled is it a faulty GPU or what??? please help.
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  1. It could be one of the 2 gpus' It is best to test them one at a time. My guess would be the card that does NOT have the screen connected to it.

    I sure hope video cards can not be damaged from an in game car crash(if so mine should be dead from Just Cause 1 + 2 and mafia :p ).
  2. Yeah I have cleared all ATI drivers and screen went totally black with only parts of the screen slightly visible which was odd, it should of only gone bigger to my knowledge. so took out bad card and moved other to master in which it works fine. sent a return to Ebuyer so hopefully they can swap it for new one. :)
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