Dual monitor gaming?

hello to all dual display users

I was wondering if there are some dual monitor gamers on this forum. of course I know the pro's about dual monitors but I was wondering how you guys game with that, I mean do you game on one monitor or is there a way your charactar won't get screwed by the bezels? or am I just being stupid and does nobody game with 2 monitors?
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  1. I use the main screen for gaming the second screen for watchin AVIs steam budylist, and temp sensors like afterburner.

    I had no fun dual screening with fps because the bezel splits your view, but Supreme commander worked well. Starcraft 2 i could not get to work.
  2. 2 monitor gaming is not recommended cause the bezel is right in the middle of your screen.
  3. allright guys, thanks.

    you actually confirmed what I was thinking, and that's just what I wanted :)
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