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I dunno whether it's my processor's noise or my GPU's Noise. But Since September 2011, My GPU makes really loud noise after playing 15 minutes of ANY GAME! literally ANY game! It all started when i installed the game Dead island and when it happened, i assumed that it's probably because the game is too heavy for my system. However, after playing much much lighter games ( like age of empires 3 for eg.) , i came to the conclusion that there's absolutely something wrong with my GPU or CPU and I think the cause is probably because of a particular driver or software that caused it, coz I think there's a high chance that it's not even a hardware issue since there's no noise when am doing normal tasks on my laptop, but it happens only with games now.

My Specs:
Laptop Model: Acer Aspire 6930
GPU : 1GB GeForce 9600M GT
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @2.00 Ghz T6400
Ram: 3 GB ddr2
Windows 7 ultimate
and I got Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installed and i don't think it's kaserpsky that's slowing my system down.

HOWEVER, I think there's something inside my system that I need to remove, like basically any process that runs heavy such as spyware/virus or watever :S. It might as well be a bug from my windows updates, I dunno... sorry for complicating this lol..

PS: after doing a bit of googling, I found something about blowing compressed air inside, would that help? :S
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  1. It is normal for an Laptop to be noisy after some years, it would be recommended to use compressed air inside to blow the dust away, so the fan won't need to turn really fast to cool your parts inside.

    Try and use GPU-Z and MSI Afterburner to monitor your computer's temps, so you can see what is wrong or what is overheating in your computer.

    Hope it helps! :)
  2. Also, check in the task manager for a process that uses a lot of the CPU cycles, and then you can post the process' name here.
  3. ok i'll try what u suggested. My laptop is only 2 years old though.

    will formatting help by any chance ?

    and ..about blowing compressed air, will i need to open up my system and do all this mechanical work ? or do i just blow it in from the shaft where hot air comes from the cpu..?

    Is there a video that shows this perhaps :)
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    Formatting won't help if the problem is related to physical problems, but it will help if it is an Virus that is taking all the resources.

    Compressed air is useful because you won't need to open your Laptop, try to blow the dust to the sides and not blow it directly inside your Laptop.
  5. thanks for the info :)
    I currently don't have access to the compressed air. So in the meanwhile, am gonna do what u told me. I will leave 4 things open: the game, task manager, GPU Z and MSI afterburner and leave the task manager at the process tab (correct ? )
    i will wait till fifteen minutes then observe which process that's using alot of memory eh?

    but do i need to do any settings to the Core clock / shader clock ( whatever these are, but it sounds like overclocking my GPU to me..) do i leave them at default ?
  6. another thing is this "link" button
  7. age3.exe ( the game)
    chrome.exe (3 tabs open and memory is 160 K )

    GPU temperature rises from 64 C to 83C!!
    GPU load becomes 100%

    I guess it's time to buy the blower
  8. this also doesn't happen when i put my computer on power saver.
  9. How much is Svchost.exe using when you don't have anything else open? (How much % CPU is being used)

    Also, power saver usually reduces your graphic card's power and will not make your fans run to conserve even more power.
  10. svchost.exe is using 64,236 K when nothing else open

    and cpu usage is just normal.. 11% or something..
  11. Yep, the problem that I am thinking of is definitively a dust clog issue, buy an pressured air can (ONLY AIR, nothing else), and use it to blow the dust.
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