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Extended Display with one HDMI and vga

I'm new and totally lost. I posted once previously so I'm sorry if this seems like a repost but I think I was too vague. I'm just confused and been sitting here for hours trying to figure out why I can't get dual screens.

I recently got an asus with an intel core i5. This is the exact computer...

It has one hdmi port and one vga port. Will I be able to have an extended display or will the graphics card not support this. Right now, with a splitter in the vga port I can get duplicate screens which isn't what I want at all.

The graphics card as far as I can tell is an intel HD 2000.

I'm really at a loss here and not sure if I need a new video card or if I will be able to run one monitor through the hdmi and one through the vga port. Or will that just give me duplicate screens again. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    The HD 2000 IGP does support dual monitors, but I believe you have to have one display connected to DVI/VGA, and one to HDMI, or one on VGA and one on DVI if you have both DVI or VGA on that system. You can't get extended desktop using a VGA splitter, the monitors have to be connected to separate ports. If your monitors don't have the appropriate connections to use both display ports at the back of your computer you will have to get an adapter for one of them.
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