Nvidia 8800GTS max resolution problem

So I reinstalled windows a few months ago and ran into some problems with my graphics card. Previously I was running at 1680x1024 resolution. When windows finished installing the maximum resolution was fine--I was able to put it back at 1680x1024. However, after I install the Nvidia drivers, the resolution choices go only to 1024x768 and 800x600. This is in both the Nvidia control panel and the windows display window. I tried installing a few different versions of the drivers but none work. However when I uninstall the drivers it allows me to go to 1680x1024...but obviously I cannot play games or do anything that requires the drivers. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Go to your display's manufacturer's website and download the drivers for that particular display. Windows is probably detecting it as a generic PnP monitor, and sometimes that generic monitor driver won't let you pick any resolution above 1024x768. After you install the monitor driver, Windows should properly recognize the display with your nvidia drivers enabled.
  2. Download the monitor drivers.
  3. So I installed the monitor drivers and I came back to report some progress--the resolution now lets me go up to 1280x720. Any other suggestions or ideas? I know the display can support the full 1680x1024 display because it did for a long time, and it goes up to that resolution before I actually install the video drivers. Any suggestions would be appreciated--this is starting to frustrate me!
  4. I should also mention that whenever I install the monitor drivers it goes into "Power saving mode" during the install and cannot be brought out without a reboot.
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