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Graphics card crash

My ATI 5770 crashes when i play random games. It started when i was playing dungeon defenders. It came off full screen and so i full screen it. The GPU crashed, i know this because i could still talk on skype at the time, and monitor became completely unresponsive. I mean i could not go on the monitor menu or anything, which should only happen when your changing input from VGA to DVI.

This then happened later when i tried to play civ5 on directx 9. It did the same, but worked completely fine when i ran the directx11 version.

It now happens when i team fortress 2 as well, even though i have had no faults with the card before.

I am thinking it must be some sort of driver problem, but the graphics drivers are up to date.

My only other thought is that the driver is a bit dodgy and im just going to have to wait for a new update to be released.

I am wondering is there any way i can check whats going on? Would the event logger work?

Any thoughts?
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  1. What is your PSU? an 5770 consumes a modest amount of power but if you don't have the necessary PSU, it may crash and become unstable...
  2. its 500W, i think its arctic power, but i cant really remember the brand. Thing is if its a hardware fault surely i'd have had the problem to begin with?
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    Thats an OK PSU, it shouldn't be that problem except if your PSU is very old and cannot keep up with the amperes.

    Also, did you update to the most recent catalyst drivers? (11.12)
  4. ahhh excellent! i think that was the problem, because i just checked the Catalyst control,centre and the drivers were 11.5. I assumed they updated through windows update automatically. I will try running the games and tell you progress soon.
  5. Don't ever use windows update for graphic drivers, I really mean Don't Ever!
    Windows Update's graphic drivers is really buggy because it is the same drivers for a lot of cards and they aren't suitable for each special graphic card.

    I was lagging at some games before when I used windows' default drivers, but when I updated with's drivers, I got a HUGE, really huge performance increase (about 40fps). Then I was satisfied with my graphic card...
    I couldn't believe how it was laggy before compared to other benchmarks...
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  7. Thanks very much for the advice, it works perfect now, thank you very much!
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