Please help me !

Hello guys !
So,this won´t take long.
Let´s get to the point.

I have an i7 860 stock at 2,8Ghz with 4 Sticks of DDR3(2GB each one)working at 1333Mhz,an HDD of 1TB 7200RPM Hitachi,a DVD-RW,2 Case Fans,1 Scythe Katana 3 CPU Cooler and MSI MS 7613(A shitty but working motherboard).

So,here it goes.
I was using ´till now as graphics card the XFX 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition.
The Computer worked just fine,perfect I would say.Really fast,fast games indeed for such an old GPU,everything.
Yesterday I decided to go for a GTX 295 Point of View Single PCB.

I´ve received this card today.
Here it goes:
I put the graphics card in,I supply power with the right cables(8pin and 6pin),the computer turns on,it makes sounds(even windows booting/start up sound) but I have no image on my display.

I´ve tried DVI1,DVI2 and HDMI.Nothing happens.
Everywhere I asked they said is my PSU.
We´re talking about a Cooler Master Real Power M620(this one here
Is a real good PSU,worked and works just fine.
If this helps,the first time I turn on the PC,it starts then shuts down.
The second time happens the same,the 3rd time or so the Computer starts,makes sounds and so on,but nothing happens on screen.NO IMAGE SHOWN,NO VIDEO,NOTHING...
If this helps,I´ve buyed this PSU from ReFurbished...
Oh,and by the way...on my 32 LCD I have no image or video,but on my regular desktop display/monitor 19¨LCD,everytime I turn PC Power ON,the Monitor shuts down,turns itself OFF.

Oh,and I think my 19¨ monitor just fried....
I hooked DVI to the graphics card and the monitor was working just fine...
Now,the monitor won´t start,no power signal,no led buttons,nothing happens,looks like is burned...

Can you believe that?
So...Is my PSU faulty....What is GOING ON HERE ?

Thank you so much !

PS:My PC is brand new,so leave the RAM,HDD,Motherboard and CPU alone.
Trust me,they work great ! NO FAILURES.
I even tried a 8500GT(after dispay,graphics and who knows what failure happening here )and it works just fine.
I use the 8500GT now(´cause I sold the 9600GT...)
Let´s focus on the real problem :)


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  1. Its your PSU. If all of your cards worked (295 included) before you stuck it into the current rig, then its your PSU.

    It also helps if you format your post so its more readable and understandable :).
  2. PSU or the video card. If you can test out the video card in another gaming system with the power to power up the card you go, try it. If it works there, try a different power supply.
  3. Thanks a lot guys I will test my GPU into another rig,although I have no friends crazy with PC,modders and so on ... here in Spain people go more for the PS3 or XBOX,consoles and so on ...
    Anyways,I´ll go to a chap that has a store here,I´ll pay him 10 bucks to test the GPU,i don´t care about temps,about nothing all I want him to say is : ´´I´ve got image on screen´´ , that´s it.
    Thanks a lot guys,but my PSU shoulden´t be a problem I think...The problem here I guess is that is Refurbished.
    Anyways,please DO NOT close this thread untill the true problem is not detected.
  4. Sorry,until the true problem is detected,I meant. there someone here that believes me when I´m saying that my Computer fried my 19¨ monitor ?
    I swear I´m not lying.
    When Power Button was pressed the monitor´s power went OFF.
    I pressed Power Button again,the monitor went OFF again....
    The third time was the final one...MONITOR DIED. R.I.P
    So,how could it be that my computer and my new graphics card have fried my monitor/display?
    Was that a short that my computer caused?Maybe the Graphics Card for insufficient power?

    Untill someone explains me what just happend,this remains a myth to me ....
    My computer was working fine with that monitor untill I plugged in the GTX 295 and monitor was fried....
    R.I.P old pal....
  5. gidgiddonihah said:
    Its your PSU. If all of your cards worked (295 included) before you stuck it into the current rig, then its your PSU.

    It also helps if you format your post so its more readable and understandable :).

    Format your post so its more readable and understandable?

    I don´t get it,I´m sorry.
    What do you mean by that? :pt1cable:
    Format my post? :ouch:

    Call me noob,call me stupid or whatever you want,but all I want is help and I just don´t get it,what you mean.

  6. Sorry about that,gidgiddonihah.
    You ment my post here,in the forum...It was late I was tired and I thought you were talking about computer´s POST screen...
    Sorry and thanks.
  7. Monitor does not work with any video card now? I have seen a video card kill a motherboard but not a monitor.
  8. No man,my monitor worked just fine with the 9600GT XFX...2 Hours after that I plugged in the GTX 295 and every time I pressed Power Button on my Computer,the power in the monitor was turning OFF,he was shuting down for some unknown reason...
    The graphics card indicates green and blue light,like everything OK,but no image on screen,also my PSU make weird noises and reboots all of the sudden.
    I think is the PSU.
    But did the GPU fried my monitor?
    ´till someone answers to this,let me be remembered as the kid with the GTX 295 that fried his monitor :) HaHa.

    HE´S DEAD ! ! !

    Thanks for your help !
  9. You did not say that the power supply was shutting off also. Need a new one to handle the card or the card is bad. If you keep playing with it, the only thing that will happen is that the motherboard will fry next.

    So you are saying that the monitor does not work with the 8500 either now?
  10. NO.
    The monitor is now HISTORY.

    NO,the computer turns ON,the power supply turns ON,I listen to BIOS and windows sounds but no image on screen(Graphics show GREEN and BLUE light-Computer runs fine but with no video or image).
    The first time I hit ON on the PC,it starts then reboots all of the sudden and the second time or so happens that is starts,makes sounds,everything OK but no video or image.

    ALL this on my 32 inch TV.
    What happend with the monitor is that I connected the CABLE to GRAPHICS CARD and then to the MONITOR.
    The light of the monitor was blinking(working but with no video signal of course).
    When I hitted POWER BUTTON ON THE PC CASE to start the computer the monitor was shutting down,no light,no power IN,nothing...
    I stopped the computer,unplugged it and then all of the sudden the monitor had power in,judging by the flashing light of ON/OFF.
    Once again,I git ON on the PC,the monitor light shuts down as no power was supplyed or something,but all this in the very moment that I pressed Case Button to turn ON the PC,monitor was shutting down.
    I tried it for the third time and the monitor made blue LED on ON,and the faded the light and that´s it.MONITOR DEAD.

    What is going on here?
    PLEASE HELP ME,PLEASE.Now I use the 8500GT as graphics card ´till I determine the problem.
  11. Not very clear still. You're not saying what equipment is used when all these issues you are talking about are happening.

    8500GT in the PC, does it turn on OK and say on?
    On the 32" TV, you get an image with the 8500?
    With the 8500, you plug in the old monitor, turn on the PC, no display at all? Not even the BIOS screen?

    I think we already sorted out that the first issue you were having is either the power supply or the video card, so need to either buy a new power supply, or test the card first in another system.

    That testing with the 8500 is just to figure out if the monitor is bad or not. Make sure you are using a known good connection, if the TV works with a VGA cable, use the monitor with that same cable.
  12. The thread can now be closed.
    The problem has been solved,I have a faulty PSU.
    I took the GPU to a store and tested it with another PSU and works like a charm.
    My PSU powers 29Amps TOP.They tested it with a 40A PSU,that´s what the GPU needs.

    Thanks to everyone for their support.
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