$2000 gaming build

Approximate Purchase Date: Should be this week

Budget Range: $2000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, i want to be able to run all games at >30fps if possible

Parts Not Required: Mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon because they do not charge tax on California residents (any other reliable site that also does not charge tax will be fine).

Country: California, USA

Parts Preferences:

Overclocking: Most likely yes

SLI or Crossfire: Later for sure

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I would like a quiet PC

This is what i have so far: 579.99 159.99 174.98 118.79 99.99 218.99 49.99 179.99 199.00

Total: 1780.94+100(windows7)= $1880.94

My main reason for coming back here before I order is to ask if i should stick with the 7970 or go with the 680. I've seen benchmarks showing the 680 lacking in an SLI config and also for some reason the 680s on amazon are all over $600. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. HardOCP's review of the two cards show that the 680s 2GB vRAM did not hinder it at higher resolutions.
  2. Sorry for not responding my internet was down. I'm not planning on playing on high resolutions. I'm just unsure as to which graphics card to go with. The 680 outperforms the 7970 in many games but the 680 from what I've seen doesn't do well in SLI and for some reason all the 680s on amazon are >$600. The 7970 also have custom coolers already. I have to go to sleep now i'll check back tomorrow.
  3. If you're not planning to play on higher resolutions, I don't see a point in SLIng. For 1080p, one GTX 680 will be the best.
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    So far good

    i would recommend gtx 680 for
    1. it has phyx supports 4 monitor which amd do too showed to overtake the amd part in lot of games except metro 2033
    4.actually it is cheaper but dont know about the price hike runs lot cooler and eats less power and still is the powerful gpu supports 3d surround vision which is awesome

    the you got is awesome but get the cm storm trooper which is better

    change the motherboard to asrock z68 extreme4 gen3

    change the psu to pc power and cooling silencer mkii 950w 80+ silver psu

    ssd and hdd are great.

    Monitor and cpu selection is great.
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