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Question on Dual Monitor Setups

Hello guys, I've got a question about using dual monitors.

I'm currently using 2 monitors. My main one, which I do all my gaming on, is a 22.5 inch running at 1920x1080. My 2nd monitor is 17 inch running 1280x1024. I only game on the main monitor and use the 2nd one for internet browser, AIM chat window, ventrilo window, etc. All of my games are running poorly, even when using only a single monitor. I have a Q8300 and single 9800 gtx+ 512mb.

Its time for an upgrade and I think I'm gonna go with an i5 2500k and single gtx 580. I've read that when using multiple monitors for gaming, you should look into SLI for best performance, which I understand. But if I'm not gaming on BOTH monitors, how much added stress is added to the GPU? Will I see performance issues with a 580 running 2 monitors even though I'm only gaming on 1?

Thanks for any help guys.
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    A single GTX580 will handle your monitor setup just fine. I believe you are referring to recommendations when people are gaming on extended resolution over multiple monitors.
  2. Yes rolli59, that is exactly what I was referring to. I wasn't sure if extended monitor gaming would stress my gpu in the same way that I would be using it. Thanks for the response :)
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