New Laptop, GT540M Problem

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, first time poster.

Hey all, I recently ordered a laptop off Amazon, with the specs:


CPU: Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2GHz (Turbo to 3.1GHz)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT540M 1GB and an integrated Intel HD card through Optimus technology.
OS: Win 7 Premium
HDD: 640GB 5400 rpm

I just got this laptop yesterday, and the first thing I did was set it up and use Rainmeter to get it customized to my liking. Today, I updated drivers for the Intel Graphics Card along with the new Verde 285.62 WHQL driver.

I proceeded to boot up Starcraft 2 for the first time since installing, and I was stunned to see that my laptop was running it on a suggested medium-low graphical settings at 20-30 fps.

I thought that I must have been running it under the Integrated GPU, so I go back and make sure that it's running under the GT540M. Still, no dice, same graphical settings as before. Confused, I tried to run it under the integrated GPU just to check the graphical settings, and they were same as when I ran it with the GT540M.

I proceeded to look through forums and tried multiple different things. I opened the Nvidia Control Panel and went to Manage 3D Settings, and selected the program starcraftii.exe, and selected the preferred processor as the GT540M. Then, I went to Set PhysX configuration to make sure that GeForce GT 540M was selected. I even checked the setting that allows me to see the GPU Activity down in my Notifications bar.

I ran Starcraft 2 again, under the 540M. Graphical settings still have not changed, and fps was still around 20-30. I even alt-tabbed to check if it was actually running under the 540M, and the GPU Activity Notification confirmed that I indeed was.

I even downloaded the newer beta driver, the Verde 290.53, in hopes that it would give my GPU better performance. No difference at all.

This doesn't seem right to me, because when I go on System Requirements Lab, my benchmarks for Starcraft 2 exceed it's requirements, getting checks in every single category, and my specs are beyond what is recommended for that game. My DirectX is fully updated, and my resolution for the game is at 1366x780, if that helps.

Please, if anyone has encountered this problem and has found a fix, or if anyone even has an idea of what to do, let me know. It is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well according to this you should be about 37 on high settings.
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