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Hi, I have a issue with W7 and Audio drivers.
I have an ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX which has the realtek HD chip.

The Audio drivers work fine when set to 5.1 using the generic W7 drivers and I can test all speakers, I also use SPDIF and that also works fine.

When I install the Realtek Software (latest 2.67) (and I also have tried the ASUS provided sw for this chip) both have the same problem.
Two of the output feeds are not functioning, ie no sound from them and also they do not detect jacks plug/unplug.
When I install the realtek drivers this also screws up the generic drivers (same issue, no output on SUBwoofer and sidespeakers - orange and grey output sockets).

I have used Driver Sweeper to clean up registry and I can see the Realtek Folder getting deleted but the generic folder for HD does not get deleted even after I unistall the device in device manager (I also turned of the AZIELA device in the BIOS so I have no audio).

Tried to take ownership (as admin) of folder in the registry but it would not let me.

Is there a way of turning on those outputs directly from the registry ? I saw a post a while back but I guess that must have been for XP as it did not match my registry entries on W7 64bit.

Any suggests with this issue would be appreciated.
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  1. If you are installing realtek drivers you have to delete the current driver and turn the antivirus off first.
    Installing stuff like "registry sweeper" is a really big mistake, avoid all free downloads that promise to "fix" your computer.
    But with that board, and Asus drivers, I am not surprised there are problems. I finally gave up with that manufacturer and bought another motherboard. Had nothing but problems until I replaced the motherboard with a different manufacturer.
    Now I have none of the problems I experienced with Asus products, and I am much happier.
  2. scan ur system with superantispyware its shows how many fake programs installing in u r pc then scan with avg or avira ,then update ur driver now all workes fine dont use many antivirus programs they can also do this
  3. The first thing I usually install is SPYBOT and AVAST which have served me well.
    I will give Superantispyware a try and see what it can see. As my system is about 1 month old since the build I leaning towards some kind of BIOS issue, I am not sure but I think this started when I upgraged from 0705 to 0901 BIOS. Have tried 0801 BIOS but not gone back to 0705....not too keen on that.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Frank :hello:
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