Possible Graphics card Crash?

Recently, I've started to get crashes during gaming, which would bring up the grey/green screen with vertical lines, it would then require me to do a reset.
So I upgraded bits of my pc, and now it has a new Cpu, Ram, Mobo, HDD. The things that I had not changed was my graphics card ( Sapphire 5770) and my PSU (SOLY Tech 600W).

Now I used memtest to test my ram to be sure, but I still don't know whether the problems lies in my 5770 or PSU, I haven't had problems with these for over a year and only started happening end of last year. Also note that when I was putting my 5770 on to the new motherboard, I forgot to attach the fan connector properly(was applying thermal paste), also smelled bit of smoke but only when I went up close. (Though these problems were before this unconnected fan bit)
So, is there anyway I can test my PSU, or GPU and possibly see if they have any problems?
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  1. I don't know much about that brand of PSU, but do you have another PSU you can test the system with? If I had to guess right now I would say that the PSU is insufficient. I'm assuming you reinstalled Windows and all drivers for your graphics card and whatnot. I suppose overheating is also a possibility but I would start with the PSU first.

    What are the rest of your system specifications for the things you changed? Maybe it can help whoever else comes across this thread.
  2. I have a 2500k, 8gb of some Patriot memory, and Asus P8Z68 V LE, and a 1TB WD HDD
    Anyway, the problem occured on Skyrim, so after restoring defaults on the Catalyst centre for overclocks, (back to 850mhz), and reinstalling skyrim, now it seems to work fine (1.5 hours of playing), I will test other games and see. Maybe this was a game problem but I will probably change to some thermaltake or corsair PSU soon just to be safe
  3. Glad to hear. I would probably recommend Corsair over Thermaltake though. Best of luck :)
  4. The only way to test a PSU is with volt meter to see if you are getting the proper voltage out to your hardwear or if you have another PSU. Another way you could test is with anothr GPU or how about the intergrated graphic's if you have one on board.

    I am just curious about what were you applying thermal paste to? and where did the smoke come from? If you have to buy another PSU the brands to go with are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX. Here are a couple of PSU's.



    The reason I am showing the 750w is for the fucture if you are going to upgrade anything. Good luck to ya
  5. I was applying thermal paste to my graphics card, also cleaning out the heat sink+fan, I'm pretty sure the smoke came from graphics card, though I could only smell it when I leant into look, so not that much(probably)
    Anyway things seem to be working better, and thanks for those suggestions for PSU s, I will go get a new one soon just to be on the safe side.
    (I'm also waiting for the new nvidia+ati cards so those 750w PSU will be decent)
    Thanks for the help
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