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Does quiet exist for Radeon cards?

Is there such a thing as a quiet HD 6950 2GB (or better)?

Please tell me where to find one if you know of one.
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    You'll have to define quiet. Once you get to the high end for video cards, there will be fan noise, it's simply a fact of life. Any card at the 6950 level of performance is going to have high cooling requirements, hence the large coolers and fans. If you can't tolerate fan noise, your only other option would be to set up water cooling for your card.
  2. i run 2 saffire 2gb 6950's. and they are pretty quiet in my opinion, but the fans never really ramp up much because i have a HAF case, even under high loads like playing bf3, i never see them peak above 45c. if you have proper cooling, they should be whisper quiet.
  3. Yeah true "quiet" would be a loop or two. I have to work up to that though.

    Is this the card you are using:

    Anyone else have any experience with quiet (relative to case fans) Radeons?

    I would love to hear more opinions/recommendations.
  4. Good cards I know are the HIS ICE series, MSI twinFrozor(I've had this and it's quiet!), and then there's another one but of course the name doesn't come to my mind at the moment.

    Either way the 6950 does produce quite a bit of heat and under load, any high end card will squeal. The frozor at least is silent under no/low load.
  5. I was looking at MSI also....

    I am using a Powercolor HD 6950 2GB and the fan noise is driving my bird crazy. I play at night and it keeps her awake. It gets on my nerves also. 50% fan speed seems the norm for idle on my card. I am going to look for someone who doesn't mind the fan noise like I do and cut them a deal on this card.

    I am open for more suggestions for a replacement card.

    Would downgrading to a 6870 lower noise at all?


    Would a single fan design be quieter than a dual or triple fan card?
  6. I saw in '5 6950 compared' in tom's hardware and though it's 1GB, I have a conclusion that HIS IceQ X Cooler is very quiet among the 5 cards. I'm sure it's the same with 2GB
  7. HIS ICEQ X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Twinfrozr iii!
  8. im using gigabyte 6970 oc2 and those windforce 3x fans are pretty much dead silent at 960mHz
  9. amuffin said:
    HIS ICEQ X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Twinfrozr iii!

  10. Seeing as it hasn't been mentioned, the other high performing card is the Asus DCII. Not sure how quite it is but considering the cooler its probably quieter then most.
  11. HIS ICEQ 6950 2GB

    I have 2 in xfire and set them to 60% fan speed manually and I can't hear them over my case which is quiet as well. I would recommend these for a quiet build from my experience.
  12. What about passively cooled cards?

    Anyone have experience with one that can support triple monitors?
  13. Passive coolers are generally only available on low end cards, some of these can support triple monitors, but you won't get good gaming performance out of most of them. There is one model of the Radeon HD 6850 that is passively cooled. It's the most powerful card with a passive cooler. However, it is a triple slot card thanks to the massive passive cooler, and it suffers from overheating issues when placed under maximum load. It needs optimal airflow in order to adequately cool itself.
  14. Ahhh... I think I made a small break through: CCC may be pushing the fan speeds up more than they need to go.

    I installed MSI Afterburner and manually set the fan speed curve. I can now hear my clock ticking while gaming. I think Afterburner lowered the idle fan speed by like 7-10%.

    So is it just CCC that is making these cards louder than they need to be?


    WOW, the idle fan speed was able to be dropped 18%. Something must be seriously broken in CCC.
  15. CCC might be more aggressive then needed. Have you checked your temps? You should be able to change the fan speeds in CCC as well.
  16. Well CCC wants your temperature not to exceed 80 celsius probably.
  17. CCC had me at 49-50% fan speed at 50'C.

    Changed the fan speed curve and Afterburner runs 22% and 51'C.

    The curve is still there so if the temps increase, the fan speed ramps up. I just lowered the idle fan speed to bring the curve down a bit.

    I couldn't even see the curve with CCC and could only set a fixed manual speed in CCC, not the whole curve.


    For anyone wanting to try this or see what I did,

    1- download MSI Afterburner
    2- choose the "user define" option under fan speed
    3- select "settings" (located at the bottom of the Afterburner screen)
    4- select the "fan" tab
    5- set the fan speed curve points
    6- click "ok"
    7- enjoy

    Again, you are setting up a curve, not a static fan speed. So as temps rise, the fan will still increase proportionally.

    This may be what I needed to keep this card.
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