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I am using the hdmi port of my card to my monitor, and my wife wants to watch me play my games LMAO!! So she complains that she cant see soo im wondering how do i hook up my tv to my card so she can watch on the big screen and i can still use my monitor at the same time. i see 2 mini display ports in the back and 2 vga connections as well im confused what i need to buy. I already own an extra hdmi cord just need the rest. Thanks
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  1. I think i would need a VGA to hdmi but im not sure.
  2. If you have an HD TV, you can connect to the TV via HDMI, and connect your monitor via DVI, if you monitor does not have DVI you will have to use an adapter. Mini Display Port would also work, but you'd also probably need an adapter for that, most monitors cannot connect to miniDP right out of the box. When both displays are connected, select the setting in the Catalyst Control Center to duplicate the display if it doesn't do that by default.
  3. A card with 7 Outputs? thats rare, are you sure itsn't more of 2 DVI + HDMI + VGA?
  4. bloc97 said:
    A card with 7 Outputs? thats rare, are you sure itsn't more of 2 DVI + HDMI + VGA?

    I think the OP is actually confusing DVI for VGA. I haven't seen any 6870s with 2 VGA, most models have 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, and either 1 Display Port, or 2 mini Display Port.
  5. Supernova is correct its 2 dvi 1 hdmi and 2 mini display ports sorry im new to pc. Well i want to keep my hdmi port the way it is connected to my monitor. So then i would need a dvi to hdmi cord to connect to my tv correct? Cause i dont understand what the display port funtion is really for but for eye infinity??
  6. It should work if either it is an DVI + HDMI or DisplayPort + HDMI or DVI, but DVI + VGA won't work.
  7. A DVI to HDMI adapter will also work with the TV, but you won't get any sound on the television if you do that. As for DisplayPort, you can use it, but you may have to get an active adapter for it, which is expensive. Most of the time it's not used unless you want to connect more than 2 monitors to a single card, or you have a monitor that comes with DisplayPort output right out of the box.
  8. Yes thats right, but I wanted to tell him to not use an DVI + VGA since they are in the same bus and won't work together. Any other will work but not DVI + VGA.
  9. Awsome great help, i will be here more often reading asking and learning. Great site. Good people. DVI to HDMI adapter would do it, Thanks.
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