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Which pcie version ?

my mobo says pcie max simultaneous transfer rate of 8GB/s.
What will be the pcie version?
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    PCIe 1.x has 250MB/s per lane, 2.0 has 500MB/s per lane
  2. You should have 2.X

    "v2.x: 8 GB/s (80 GT/s)"

    You have 3 threads i have seen about this, Please list your board and then the info will be easy to find.

    Either way the card you are looking for will NOT be bottlenecked by ANY x16 slot.
  3. intel 102ggc2 mobo
  4. dgbkiller said:
    intel 102ggc2 mobo

    I think it is PCI-e 1(Since PCI-E 2.0 was NOT out when the board was released). Still should not be an issue for your card of choice.

    Your 8GB/s is most likely 4 in each direction.
  5. Yep the board is model 2006 and the 2.0 std was introduced in 2007!
  6. 8GB/s??? What type is that? PCI-E v6.9? Or did you mean 8Gbps? -_-
    8GBit/s = 1GB/s
  7. 1GB/s is PCI-E 1.x
  8. bloc97 said:
    8GB/s??? What type is that? PCI-E v6.9? Or did you mean 8Gbps? -_-
    8GBit/s = 1GB/s

    OP meant this
    The board provides the following PCI Express connectors:
    • One PCI Express x16 connector supporting simultaneous transfer speeds up to 8 GBytes/sec
    • One PCI Express x1 connector. The x1 interface supports simultaneous transfer speeds up to
    500 MBytes/se"
  9. But his motherboard is more likely to be v 1.1 than 2.1 looking at the motherboard's specifications.
    Also, most people would probably confuse Gbps and GB/s.
  10. i look forward for hd 6670 pcie2.1
  11. PCI-E 2.1 is backward-compatible with PCI-E 1.x versions, so you should be ok with that.

    Also, an HD 6670 isn't a bandwidth demanding card and shouldn't be bottlenecked by this little disadvantage.

    Yes you can definitively buy that card.

    Hope it helps! :)
  12. You can but it has to be at least 1.1, and not 1.0

    You can check your PCI-E version with an software like AIDA64.
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