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Hello, I just built a brand new computer (my first one) and installed everything, got it up and running and what not. I am trying to install an OS on my new hardrive but the computer is lagging, it will stop working for a couple of seconds, usually 5-10, then I'll hear the sound of the hard drive and it will continue on. This is the 2nd hard drive I've tried on this computer and both seem to do the exact same thing. What's wrong with my computer? The Specs of my components are the following, and I've already checked to make sure they are all compatible and what not. I have a AMD Athlon tri-core 3.3Ghz processor, an ASUS M5A97 motherboard, an HD 6770 video card (ASUS), RX-530SS ATX power supply, a 400GB Caviar Hard drive, and 8Gb of RAM at 1333Mhz. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks in advance
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    lots of issues with that MB if you can, exchange it for another model/brand.

    if you can't, then update the BIOS to the latest on the ASUS website.
    try a different SATA port and cable.

    I see this a lot as the answer for most issues with this MB:

    1) Set DRAM Read to Read to 7

    2) Set Command Rate to 2T (AKA Command Mode)

    3) Set CPU/NB voltage to around 1.30V

    4) Set DRAM Voltage (VDIMM) to the specified voltage of the memory used.

    Also, what OS are trying to install?
  2. Wow I just switched the SATS port (which I was also planning on trying) and it seems to be working like a charm! I got Windows installed and i have wifi on it now, thanks a bunch!
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