Phenom II X4 965?

Hey guys, I have been wondering if I should buy a Phenom II X4 965 because I've seen really good reviews about its performance. Not to mention its price. I'm trying to get the best performance for less. I wondered myself if i should get the Phenom II X4 965 rather than the i5-2500k because of its exceptional price. I've also seen gameplays with the 965 and there seems to be high FPS. I'm talking a 1920x1080 res with approx. 60 fps. Why is that? The majority of the owners have high-end GPUs, which kind of confuses me because I thought it would bottleneck. What is this phenomena?!
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  1. ct1615 said:
    it's a fine budget gaming CPU (especially with a little OC) and can handle modern games at 60FPS @ 1080p when teamed with a capable GPU. The difference you would see with the phenom against the intel 2500k (having gamed with both CPUs) would be the FPS spikes.

    with the Phenom II I would be around 60FPS and (depending on the game) I would drop sometimes to 45FPS here or there. With the intel 2500k, those drops would be down to 55FPS.

    O ok. But what game and settings do you have it as? And what is your gpu? I'm just about ready to buy a 750-800 dollar gaming rig.
  2. I run a 955 P II BE at 3.8ghz with a gtx 460. high/ult for BF3 with High AF, and low AA
    Diablo 3 at highest without AA. (only dips below 60 during a big team fight)

    Starcraft 2 at med-ultra settings (ultra textures, and high shaders) I stay well above 60 fps for the first half of a 45 minute game, and tends to dip more towards the end, but not to the point where it's unplayable (in storm of the imperial santcum, which is a DOTA style game)

    Borderlands at max with AA and AF at 60 fps.

    Skyrim on high/ultra with low AA and High AF dips down to 30 sometimes in certain dungeons and areas (the game is buggy, and was torrented, to boot)

    Played Fallout New Vegas on high/ultra low AA and High AF, but the game crashed and no longer works :(

    Hope that gives you a good idea. You could grab a higher end gpu, and the only games that I would suspect that you'd be CPU limited would be starcraft 2, BF3 in a massive 64 player game, and skyrim, in certain areas.
  3. Get the 965, its a great cpu. Very good price/performance if youre on a budget. Does well for me in BF3 @ 50-60fps at 1080p w/ a GTX460 and mixed settings of high/ultra.
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