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Asus 9600GT runs better without external power, ticking time bomb?

Hello, previously I asked if I could use a non computer designated PSU to power my GPU temperiorly to rule out the GPU being the problem (not sure how clear i made that but just a 12V power supply to power..anything that accepts it) in this thread :

My recently installed 9600GT is the asus EN9600GT/HTDI/512M ( )
Shortly after posting the other question I booted the PC without anything plugged into the 6pin power slot on the GPU and booted fine, with no "insufficient power, performance decreased to safe level" warning, unlike when I had a PCIe external power connector plugged into it.

Before I just took out the external power connector everything was running noticeably slower then normal, ie loading a new browser tab slowly, which I would have thought would have been a piece of cake for even the oldest of cards. Now no external power is connected to it and everything appears to be running perfectly, getting around 100-120 fps on medium settings on COD4, very smooth [EDIT:using a edited ms_config file for maximum fps..forgot about that] (yes I know its a very old card but I am not prepared to buy a complete new system just yet)

My motherboard is the Gigabyte G1975X, I suspect it has *overclocked* as such the pcie x16 slot without it appearing in any monitoring programs apart from pc wizard ;

GPU Frequency : 702 MHz (650 normally)
Shader Clock : 1728 MHz (1625 normally)
Memory Frequency GPU : 900 MHz (same as normal)

I have a molex plugged into my motherboard where apparently it will supply extra power to the pcie slots though as I thought 75W was still the max im not sure how this could effect it.

Now my question is...Is it safe to continue running the computer like this?

Ill post some system power consumption readings on idle and under load in a short while.
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    From the power consumption figures I've seen for the GeForce 9600 GT, a reference clocked card only draws 74 Watts maximum under a gaming graphics load, and a maximum of 78 Watts when running Furmark GPU stress testing.

    The 74 Watt power consumption for typical gaming falls within the PCIe x16 slot's maximum power draw specification for a PCIe expansion card of 75 Watts. That's why you're not having any power problems without the use of the 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector.

    If you were to run Furmark then you might have a different story to tell.
  2. Did some tests, running a power meter between the psu power plug and the wall as such, running furmark to get the load readings.

    134W while on the windows login screen, 230W stable ish after 10min of furmark, couldn't see any artifacts or snow though admittedly i didnt watch for long, 8FPS at x4MSAA, 1600x900 res, burn in test. My old 8400gs was getting bearly 1 fps on 1600x900, all other settings on minimum, well thats certainly an improvement.

    For interest it maxed at 67C (153F)
  3. Normally the power for the PCIe slots expansion cards is provided by the 24-pin ATX main power connector.

    That 4-pin PCIE 12V power connector appears to be providing sufficient power to the GeForce 9600 GT so it does make a difference.
  4. That card just barely needed a PCI-E power connector anyway. Some companies did away with it.

    Chances are you will be fine.
  5. There's a GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition that doesn't even have the 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector. It's a 52 Watt card.
  6. Phew, that's a relief :P Thanks for the incredibly quick replies.

    Am I pushing my luck if I where to overclock the card? Or is that a case artifacts/snow its fine?
  7. you may push your luck, it all depends on the boards ability to deliver power. I would not want you to burn out traces or the board other do other damage.

    It is kind of like how some motherboard USB ports will push 2+ amps(thats 4 times what usb should allow) while others will stall at 0.5 amps(right on the spec)
  8. Yea, that sounds like good advice, its quite a step up from my 8400gs and for the games I have I'm quite happy with its current performance, I think I shall strategically stop here, thanks again for your help.
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