What Graphics card should I get with this build with a 400w PSU

Hey guys, I'm looking at what graphics card I should get for my new build, i'll be running an i3 2100, 4GB DDR3 RAM, ASUS P8H61-M LE MOBO, a standard optical drive and 2/3 sata II 7200rpm drives. The PSU that I currently have is a decent CiT 400w psu, this is what the description of it is on another site:

Silent PSU with Temperature Control Fan
Form Factor Micro ATX
ATX 12V Compliant for all kinds of CPU and mainboard
MTBF 50,000 Hours @ 25 degrees C
20+4 Pin Main Connectors: 1
P4 4-Pin 12V Connectors: 1
4-Pin Molex Peripheral Connectors: 4
SATA Connectors: 1
Floppy Drive Connectors: 1

Whats the best graphics card for around £100 would run off a 400w psu with everything else i've mentioned. I would like to buy the card from aria is possible.

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  1. I have no idea about the build quality of that PSU but in theory 400W should be enough for either a 6790 or 6850 which are the best cards in your price range.
  2. Toms SMB builds have run a 6870 off an Antec 380 green. Its not ideal but it is possible .

    Your PSU may not be of anywhere near that quality though .
  3. The PSU is a CiT 400u @ 400w if that helps.
  4. Need to the know the +12v rail(s) Amperage. it also doesn't list a PCIe connector. to if you get a GPU tha requires one you will need a Molex to PCIe adapter (they sometimes come with the GPU). there should be a label on your PSU that shows the output power levels for each volatage.

    Radeon HD 7750 is the best non- PCIe power GPU you can get


    HD 7750 for ~£78


    better (for the lower power consumption) is the HD 7770 for ~£117 (comes with the molex/pcie adapter) this GPU trades performance blows with the HD6850 using much less power.


    I'm pretty sure your 400W PSU should handle either. The 7550 only uses (55w) 190-200w total system power 7770 seems to only use (80)w or 210- 220w total system power running Metro.

    The HD 6850 is a less expensive option at ~£99 but may tax your PSU at 127W Max rating and ~ 250W total system power

    it all depends on the quality of your PSU, if it stays true to the rated power and doesn't catch on fire.

    I found what I think may be your PSU online and it only shows a 12Amp 12v Rail = 144watts for all 12v devices. I think the HD 6850 would be pushing it over the max load. with that said, for any type of gaming I would get the HD 7770, if you don't game then the HD 7750 will work just fine.
  5. tombyrne94 said:
    a decent CiT 400w psu

    There is no such thing
    Colorsit ( CIT ) are cheap low quality power supplies that need to be derated by around 100 watts ( 12v1 @ 8a / 12v2 @ 13a on the Gold Edition )
    I'd trust a 6 year old Dell 305w with dual 18a 12v rails and a combined 12v output of 22a before I would trust a new CIT
    Edit, early morning confusion
    The "Gold" does have a six pin, not that I'd use it.
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