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I'm looking to upgrade my current system. In the past I've always built a new gaming PC (MB/CPU/GPU/RAM/etc.) every 1-2 years. For the last couple years I haven't needed to upgrade other than a second GPU. Anyway, I'm thinking about upgrading again. From what I've read recently I'm not sure I see a reason to upgrade the MB/CPU this time around. It seems like the cost for a new CPU and possibly MB wouldn't be worth the small performance gain. But, I wasn't able to find any direct gaming comparisons of the i7 860 with new CPU's. Does anyone see a good reason to upgrade my MB/CPU from my current i7 860 to say a i5 2500K+MB? Keep in mind my main use for this PC is gaming.

Ideally I would like to just upgrade the GPU and RAM this time around.

My current system:
Intel i7 860 -
Antec TruePower TP-750 PSU -
2X ATI 5850 1GB GPU in Crossfire - Can't find the link.
4GB DDR2 RAM Corsair - Can't find the link

Thanks for any advice.
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    At stock speeds you might as well just upgrade the rest of the machine and look at getting a new mobo/CPU down the road. If you're willing to OC though you would get quite a bit more performance from the 2500k depending on your GPU.

    Personaly I'd just look at a new GPU for now, plus another 4gb of ram and call it a day.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. I'm trying to decide between the GTX 670 and the AMD 7950. Seems like it might make sense to go with the Nvidia this time around. And, RAM is so cheap 8GB of DDR3 is under $80. I'm thinking about getting an SSD also.

    My current rig still runs just about anything I throw at it at 1900x1200. But, Skyrim has some issues with Crossfire especially with the HD textures. And, Battlefield 3 won't even run in Crossfire mode.

    Thanks for the input.
  3. Processor is perfectly fine especially if you overclock it to around 4Ghz. Upgrade the video cards and grab an SSD.
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