Bad motherboard???

Ok so I'm not a total noob when it comes to computers, as I have built and repaired a few. But since this January I have had issues with my own build which is:
CPU: Phenom II X2 unlocked to X4 @3.8ghz
GPU: XFX Radeon HD5770
RAM: 4gb Kingston DDR3 @1333mhz
HDD: Samsung 1Tb @ 7200RMP
Case: Cooler Master Gladiator

Anyway getting to my problems...I have a few.
I have ruled out the ram and hard drive as I have tested them with a second computer. My computer will usually power on but the monitor will stay black, I get no beeps or anything...just every fan spinning. IF I manage to get it to get past the BIOS screen and I log on to windows, it will either do a BSOD or just restart and do the blank screen thing.

Also every BSOD is different, I have had maybe one or two ATI ones but the rest are all random. I have been lucky to get on for a few minutes to read the dump files and even try a game. But when I play the game, it freezes, then goes back to normal, then freezes once more and this time the sound effects are like on repeat. on the screen my monitor is black or once in a while I get a few coloured lines running across the top.

Like I said, I've tested the RAM and HDD. I put new RAM in my motherboard but the same thing happens.

I'm thinking the cause is the mobo..if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it..I use it for work and also gaming lol. I REALLY miss Skyrim!

PS. On the dump files...I always have more than one for every time my PC crashes
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  1. The motherboard is a strong possibility. The fact you are having issues before BIOS would seem to eliminate software / driver issues. Another possible suspect would be your PSU. If you can swap the PSU out and eliminate it then it is more than likely the motherboard.
  2. Actually the coloured lines on crashing indicate a problem with the Graphics RAM 90% of the time.
  3. I will try to test the PSU later on, and as for the coloured lines...I RARELY get that..this has been going on since I changed the case in December. Maybe I damaged the motherboard when swapping the stuff around
  4. or maybe your new case has bad airflow past the gRAM chips.
  5. first suspect psu 2nd mobo 3rd your cpu unlock i did one for a friend with 550 unlocked with all cores works fine for the first month after that it started to do lots of weird *** so put it back to x2 as wasnt being pushed anyways and hasnt missed a beat since
  6. Thanks for all the info, I have suspected the psu, but the unlock is ok I think..It has ran for about a year that way with no problems
  7. Ok so I put in a second PSU, a better one than what I have and the problems still continue..on the first boot. normally I could log into windows once or twice before it wouldn't boot at all. I have also tested other ram and the problems still continue. So I think it is the motherboard which I am replacing, along with the cpu
  8. Good luck to you.
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