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So I plan on getting a 7990 and I know I need a better monitor (mines like 17 inchs and shitty res) to make it worth while. I currently have a 32" samsung that I use as a TV, but its only 720p. Should I use that for gaming and get a bigger/better tv or just go for a 23'' lcd at 1200 and eventually go Eyefinity another 2 and a 2nd 7990.
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    7990 is likely to be overkill for any single display below 2560x1440, and even at that high resolution it would only be fully utilized by the most demanding titles. TVs only go up to 1920x1080. If you want to harness all the GPU horsepower the 7990 is likely to have, you're definitely better off laying the groundwork for an eyefinity setup, or an ultra high resolution display. The 7990 would be wasted on anything less.
  2. Okay, 2560x1440 are a lot of money....prehaps I'll just go for the 7970 and a 1200 and later go to eyefinity and crossfire
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